2024 TBF National Championship Contender Co-Angler Profile TBF District 21 Colorado

The fishing community would say a co-angler can learn a lot fishing out of the back of the boat with several different experienced boaters.  This allows them to see different techniques and thought processes in a variety of different circumstances.  If that is the case Tim McClintick is a quick study and takes advantage of the opportunities from the back deck.  Tim fished as wildcard selected by his TBF charter club, Fountain Valley Bass Club in August 2023 at Wilson Lake, KS, Colorado TBF hosted the TBF District 21 National Semi Final.

Tim McClintick grew up in Nebraska and has been tournament fishing since 2012.  Tim briefly owned a tackle shop in Utah from 2010-2013.  Tim launched GO-TO Lure Company in 2022 (Gotolure.com).  Tim’s story is posted on his lure company website and reads in part:

“Fishing, for me, is more than just a hobby; it’s my life’s passion. Hi there, I’m Tim McClintick, and my journey in the world of fishing has been quite an adventure. In my twenties, I made a pivotal decision to open my own retail fishing store in a quaint town in northeastern Utah. The store wasn’t just about selling gear; it became a hub for connecting with fellow fishing enthusiasts.

I stocked everything a fisherman could dream of – bass, panfish, and trout rigs, fly fishing equipment, and even gear for down rigging giant lakers. Yet, the real joy came from interacting with my customers. Learning about their preferences and hearing their stories added a personal touch to my business. I cherished those three years, but another exciting opportunity beckoned.

Tournament bass fishing entered the scene, and I couldn’t resist the challenge. Growing up in eastern Nebraska, bass fishing was second nature, but the mountain states offered a unique experience. Despite being a small-town guy, I found success in the tournaments, clinching two first place wins and a second place in my initial three attempts. This propelled me to state team qualifications and larger regional competitions, even winning a boat with my team.

Taking the leap, I entered the FLW Rayovac series, finishing 32nd in the western division. Tournament fishing had become an integral part of my life, yet I felt a void in the sport. Moments of inspiration struck me – “If only I had a lure that did this or that.” And so, the journey of creating and designing my vision began.”

Tim will have much more inspiration and a hungrier vision competing against some of the best in the nation this week.

Colorado TBF is proud to have Tim McClintick representing the state of Colorado at the 2024 TBF National Championship.  Hope you out fish your boaters Tim and bring that trophy back Colorado!

Please follow along with the tournament results and Tim’s success through the following:

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