Colorado Conservation

Last week, CPW Aquatic Biologist Carrie Tucker and her technicians, placed artificial habitat into Wahatoya Reservoir near La Veta, CO. These structures were built out of recycled plastic barrels, irrigation piping, and landscape fabric received from Jim Ramsay (Aquatic Biologist in Lamar). The cement was purchased using money received from the  Springs Bass Masters club. Wahatoya Reservoir is devoid of submerged aquatic vegetation, so these structures will provide much-needed habitat for young fish to escape predators.

CPW biologist Carrie Tucker with technician Jake Stanton and intern Gail Hatch surrounded by some of the habitat structures before deployment.

Technicians Garrett Malone and Jake Stanton getting ready to drop a structure into Wahatoya Reservoir.

Technicians Garrett Malone and Jake Stanton, and intern Gail Hatch, surrounded by various habitat structures. Note our mascot in the foreground… Tyrone the T-Rex! J