Congratulations to Cody Miller and Amy Winegardner!

Congratulations to Cody Miller and Amy Winegardner for their angler and co-angler win’s at the District 21 National Semi Finals held last week at Lake Navajo and hosted by the New Mexico TBF.

Colorado TBF is proud of your accomplishment and look forward to cheering you on at The Bass Federation 2022 National Championship.

At just 16 years old Cody is the youngest angler ever to represent Colorado at this prestigious event. As part of the 2020 TBF Junior World Championship Team Cody is one young man you may want to keep your eye on.

Amy is the first female to represent Colorado on the co-angler side and in her short time of tournament bass fishing has earned so much respect from her fellow Colorado anglers and co-anglers.

For those who attended the event know what a tough tournament it was and surely can appreciate both of these anglers abilities to put together a winning pattern with the tough conditions.

Colorado Conservation

Last week, CPW Aquatic Biologist Carrie Tucker and her technicians, placed artificial habitat into Wahatoya Reservoir near La Veta, CO. These structures were built out of recycled plastic barrels, irrigation piping, and landscape fabric received from Jim Ramsay (Aquatic Biologist in Lamar). The cement was purchased using money received from the  Springs Bass Masters club. Wahatoya Reservoir is devoid of submerged aquatic vegetation, so these structures will provide much-needed habitat for young fish to escape predators.

CPW biologist Carrie Tucker with technician Jake Stanton and intern Gail Hatch surrounded by some of the habitat structures before deployment.

Technicians Garrett Malone and Jake Stanton getting ready to drop a structure into Wahatoya Reservoir.

Technicians Garrett Malone and Jake Stanton, and intern Gail Hatch, surrounded by various habitat structures. Note our mascot in the foreground… Tyrone the T-Rex! J


2020 World Championships

2020 World Championships

By Ryan Steinhoff

The road to the Jr. World Championships started with a side trip to Arkansas where I helped my cousins learn to catch some bass. They are 5 and 6 and really enjoy fishing.  After a few days, we started the drive to Ohio.  The drive was a long 20 hours. Unfortunately, the beginning of our tournament started a little rough and learned a few things the hard way…always read the rules. We got there one day too early and started to pre-fish. Learned pretty fast that we weren’t allowed to be on the water yet… With us being a day early, TBF gave us an 8 once penalty and we had to miss a half-day of practice.  During practice, we only found one good spot and found a few others that had a few keepers. The first day of the tournament, we went straight to our spot and fished there the whole day and ended up catching four keepers. We caught those using a Texas rig. Those four keepers put us at the top of the Western division. The second day of the tournament was really rough. We only got two bites and capitalized with two keepers. We found out that those two keepers were enough to clinch the Western division and gave us the opportunity to fish on the final day and try to win the world championships. On the Championship day,  we did not have a single keeper until 11:30. We were starting to get pretty nervous!  We got our first keeper at the spot we fished for during the first two days of the tournament. We made a small adjustment and changed to the inside of the point.  We ended up catching 11 to 13 keepers! These were caught on senkos. On the boat ride back, we were so nervous that we didn’t have enough weight, all we could do was wait and pray. It was finally our turn to weigh in and were really happy with the weight. We weighed in at 10lbs 6oz which was enough to win the Jr World Championships and to bring a win to Colorado. This was an experience that I will never forget. There are so many people that I would like to thank: Sam Heckman, Rod Allen, our boater and Captain Steve Way, my partner Cody Miller, Tyler Hassler,  Trokar, Garrett Marquez, Kim Miller, Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club, Eagle Claw,  Parents, Milicia Marine, Colorado Custom Lure, TBF for putting on an awesome tournament.

Colorado TBF Southern Division Qualifier Results Are Posted

Results from the Colorado TBF Southern Division have been posted to the results page!

Thank you to all the frostbitten anglers who competed and stuck it out last weekend at the 2021 Colorado TBF Southern Division Qualifier. Everyone was surprised due to the horrific weather conditions at the quantity and quality of the bass weighed in at Lake Pueblo.

As a conservation project State CPW Biologist Carrie Tucker and her crew conducted creel surveys and took scale samples from the fish.

The top 6 teams for this event advance to the 2021 TBF National Semi-Finals at Lake Navajo in July., congrats to them all!

  • Vershun Tolliver and Mike Scott
  • Sam Heckman and Bryan Leck
  • Brian Hickey and Brian Wiese
  • Adam Malicia and Jake Schroeder
  • Cody Miller and Robert Hunt
  • Marin Mainov and Tai Hunt


Up next is the Northern Colorado Qualifier on Lake McConaughy May 23-24 all anglers are encouraged to attend this event as well to attempt to qualify and advance.